Panama Canal Full Transit

We will travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean on the same day. You will experience all that is mentioned in the partial transit tour description, but in the other direction. In addition, you will enjoy a trip through Gatun Lake, which was formed when the river widened and deepened, by the construction of the Gatun Dam about 10 km (6 miles) from the river's mouth.

During the three-hour passage through Gatun Lake you will see the Gamboa homeport of the Dredging Division of the Panama Canal, and some of their interesting floating equipment, like the floating cranes "Herman the German" and "Hercules"; the dredges "Rialto Christensen" and "Mindi", plus the jungle and wildlife in the shoreline. Throughout the transit you will see the Canal operations in a way one cannot see from a large cruise ship; tugs assisting in maneuvers, locks locomotive operators and seamen, canal boatmen making wires fast from ship to locomotive.