Embera Indigenous Village

This is a trip to paradise in its purest form! The enchanting journey takes us deep into the dense jungles of Chagres where the Embera Indians have lived for many years. Our adventure begin with a ride up the river in canoes, the Embera’s traditional hand carved boats.

On arrival to the village, you will be taken back in time as you observe the ancient Embera’s dances and music that have hardly changed since Christopher Columbus arrived in the 1500´s. The natives will invite you to explore the surrounding areas which are teaming birds and wildlife. During our visit, the Emberas will give you a glimpse into their mystical rituals and their amazing knowledge of medicinal plants and natural pigments. The Embera women are known as one of the world’s finest basket makers, and you will watch them create beautiful objects made out of palm leaves and dyed with natural pigments. You could also have your body painted with a natural fruit dye called Jagua, used by the Indians for body decorations as well as for its health-giving properties. Before returning to civilization, the Emberas will invite to a traditional lunch of fresh fish and plantains and you will have the opportunity to purchase some of their gorgeous handicraft.